CBIT has dedicated labs for cell culture and for the synthesis, processing and characterization of materials. We have in-house equipment and university central services available to measure a wide range of physical and biochemical properties of material-based systems for biomedical applications.

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Characterization Lab
The characterization of the properties of biomaterials in our labs focuses in understanding the effect that physical and chemical changes have in the perfomance of the materials, ultimately from a biological point of view. These changes usually involve research on the composition, processing or synthesis of materials from a variety of sources and formats. We have experience and facilities for the measurement of basic physicochemical properties (density, surface tension, contact angle, corrosion resistance), mechanical properties (mechanical-dynamic properties, resistance, breakage, fatigue), thermal (heat capacity, curing kinetics, phase transitions), electrical (dielectric permittivity) and morphological or compositional properties (metallographic characterization, morphology in optical and electronic microscopy, chemical characterization).

Synthesis and Processing Lab
Our research at CBIT includes the development of new biomaterials with specific characteristics, designed for an envisaged biomedical application or just as part of basic research about the material itself.
We have our own facilities to carry out chemical synthesis and transformation of materials. We have experience with fabrication and synthesis of polymers, hydrogels, nanocomposites, sol-gel coatings, plasma polymerised coatings, microparticles, membranes. We are also able to carry out modifications of these materials with a variety of techniques, for instance to change surface properties, control the micro morphology and porosity of bulk biomaterials, print scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo testing, and others.

Cell Culture Lab

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