RISEUP is a H2020-FETOPEN project that started in May 2021. RISEUP stands for «Regeneration of injured spinal cord by electro pulsed bio-hybrid implant». The project is coordinated by the Italian agency ENEA, with partners at CBIT UPV, RISE Srl, ROMA LA SAPIENZA, CNRS, and CIPF.

The difficulty on the neuronal restoration after Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) comes from a complex cascade of events that inexorably cause a degenerative chronic stage mainly favored by the non-permissive environment and limited capacity for axonal regrowth. Multifaceted strategies are considered the unique solution for functional restoration by including cell substitution, neuroprotection and axonal growth promotion. RISEUP proposes to attain neuronal functional regeneration after SCI by an unprecedented and unique bio-hybrid-compatible electro-activated and wireless-rechargeable implantable technology. rophic factors secretion. Starting from TRL1, a radically new line of technology (electro-activated, remotely controlled, biocompatible, biodegradable cell-containing implants for the repair of neuronal lesions), we will work to establish its proof-ofprinciple (TRL3). The long-term vision of RISEUP is the radical change in SCI treatment modality to assure the cure delivery
without any machinery connection, dramatically improving patients’ quality of life.

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